I’m painting some key scenes inspired by the book I’m currently writing that will be published later this year. 

The main character of the book is Philip who encounters the risen Christ. 

As they meet Jesus affirms within him the call to be an evangelist. Philip replies, “but I have nothing.” He holds his empty hands towards Jesus who answers, “That is why I am calling you.”   

Painting is a welcome break to writing. After an hour or two of sitting typing I always need something else to do to rest my mind for a bit. Painting not only helps me rest but inspires me for the next couple of hours of writing. 

My painting style is messy and fun, and as you can see with this close up I love layering the paint to create texture:  

Look out on here and The Light Project web site  details of how to purchase my new book. Also I shall be doing a book tour in September 2016 in 6 to 8 different cities across the UK promoting the book and raising much needed funds for The Light Project as we seek to send more people out, like Philip, to reveal Jesus to those who have yet to make any sense of the good news. 

If you would be interested in hosting one of the book tour evenings please do let me know and I shall consider your request. 

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