In the book I’m writing, a novel on the life of Philip, his mum has been ill since his birth (12 years) with a flow of blood. The book narrates the sense of blame that Philip carries for his mums illness. 

This new painting captures her longing, waiting and hoping to be made whole.

All the family’s money has been spent on doctors and now she has nothing. 

The flow of the the blood is symbolised by her scarf that wraps around her. 

Jesus announces that the Kingdom of heaven is near, and soon after this scene in my book Philips mum touches the hem of the prayer shawl of Jesus…  

I really enjoyed painting her face inparticular and tried to capture a sense of hope and longing… As she closes her eyes the kingdom of God draws near and I’ve symbolised this through waves of light flowing into her dark room through the window. 

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