When I was five my parents moved to the UK from Zululand where they had been missionaries for 16 years. I’m embarking on a kind of pilgrimage to visit for the first time the place I was born and the places my mum and dad ministered. 
Today has been full of prayer, jam packed full of it from when I got up to now heading to bed. This hasn’t been a day of bended knee in my room but rather:

 1) I went prayer walking around the town, even to some of the so called ‘no go’ areas. 

2) I ended up praying for a man’s painful back. He was chuffed. 

3) I also drove around praying for different districts around the town and even went into the hospital where I was born! I was led by Maggie, a retired priest here in Vryheid who helped me ‘get in!’ She has also made our evening meals for is to eat together, amazingly kind.  

4) I also met with Harold the guy I met 5 days ago after 36 years of seeing him last! I presented him with a picture from when I was 4 giving him a hug! I offered to pray for him.  

6) The most powerful time of prayer was when we drove out to the dam to pray for rain. Vryhied is experiencing a drought like much of Zululand and I wanted to intercede for the town and ask for rain. As I started to pray I felt that I needed to read 2 Kings 3.9:

So the king of Israel went with the king of Judah and the king of Edom; and they made a circuit of seven days’ journey, and there was no water for the army or for the cattle that followed them. Then the king of Israel said, “Alas! For the Lord has called these three kings to give them into the hand of Moab.” 11 But Jehoshaphat said, “Is there not a prophet of the Lord here, that we may inquire of the Lord by him?”

The scripture goes on to talk about the lack of rain and wind, but water coming from beneath the ground, as this is easy for the Lord to do.   

7)  Lastly, it’s been great to offer prayer to people who I just met today randomly. Really good to bring something what I believe is from God’s heart to their hearts. 

Well, a couple of days to go and then I shall be home. Thank you for journeying with me on this pilgrimage a little bit. 

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Prayer

  1. Thank you, Chris so very much for a delightful, personal, heart-warming account of your adventure, which I feel I’ve been privileged to share

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