When I was five my parents moved to the UK from Zululand where they had been missionaries for 16 years. I’m embarking on a kind of pilgrimage to visit for the first time the place I was born and the places my mum and dad ministered.   

Today I trekked to Ithala Safari Park and paid my £3 to spend a whole day exploring the most beautiful nature I have ever seen. It was honestly the best £3 I have ever spent. I am lost for words and believe me, that’s a rarity. 

The sheer glory of the land humbled me as I drove and prayed and sat still in the land of my birth. 

But what really got me today was the man at the entrance to the park who guards who comes in and out.

His name is Lucky. 

When I arrived and greeted him in my broken Zulu he looked at me and asked: ‘are you a pastor?’ I explained a little about what I do and he asked me questions about peace. 

It turned out that he has a fascination with the whole topic of peace and he is studying a book in the Bible called Nehemiah, where the walls of Jeresualem are restored. He feels like God is calling him to be like Nehemiah, only instead of Israel it’s South Africa that he is being asked to restore the walls of peace for. 

I asked if I could pray for him and we held hands (quite appropriate in a Zulu culture!) and I prayed that he would be a man who builds peace in this land. In stark contrast to the stunning scenes I saw today much of South Africa is lacking in this precious comodity. 

Meeting Lucky encouraged me immensely. Like, really encouraged me. There truly are people here who long for and strive for peace in their families and communities and long for God’s Kingdom and for Jesus to be made famous. 

If you pray, please pray for Lucky who is the gatekeeper at the most beautiful Safari near where I was born, called Ithala. 

He, I believe, is a man who will see much peace come to many as others submit to the Prince of peace. 

And, just because I am blown away from today here are some of the scenes I captured in a slightly edited arty black and white fashion. 

Because black and white is beautiful



4 thoughts on “Day 7: Lucky and Peace 

  1. It´s been such a blessing being able to follow you on your journey Chris. I’ll pray for Lucky, there is something in his name that is promising:)

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