When I was five my parents moved to the UK from Zululand where they had been missionaries for 16 years. I’m embarking on a kind of pilgrimage to visit for the first time the place I was born and the places my mum and dad ministered. 

I’m day one into my adventure/pilgrimage to my birth place and I’ve already got the hunch that while I’ve done some careful planning it feels as if Jesus has been in charge of the intinary all along.

The people I sat to on the plane on my first leg of the journey where lovely and I shared a little bit of what I was planning to do, but it was the second leg of the trip that blew me away. I sat next to Ashok, a Hindu who lives in Durban. He and his wife Meela where returning from India where they had visited his birth place and also had gone to some temples to pray.

Ashok spoke so passionately about what he had just done and how important it was to him. He spoke about the powerful significance of visiting ones place of birth. Sitting on that plane it felt like God encouraging me through this Hindu man as we spoke about ‘these types of trips’ that enable us to work out more about who we are and why we are here.

He also showed me a picture of his child who has died and how the trip was also linked into praying for him. It was good to bless him and pray for them in this hard time of remembering.

 Ashok told me that he had brought some earth from the village he was born back home to remind him of his roots. Now that’s an idea I’m going to borrow!

And now, for the very start of the trip I’m staying on the YWAM Durban base, just hanging out and enjoying getting to know some of the team and it feels like home, rooted into a family who I don’t know, yet the mystery of being part of the body of Christ is that I have been welcomed so beautifully!  

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