I’ve just finished a painting that I was commissioned to do by a friend of mine who wanted to mark a new job appointment.

It’s based on the well known Icon that was owned by Brother Roger from the Taisze community and depicts Jesus standing next to and with his arm around his friend. There is a copy at a place I love to hide away and pray called the Fenland Hermitage. 

So, this is my version and below with a picture of the detail I included… and below that is the original one which inspired me to paint for my friend. 
 The original Coptic icon is usually called “Christ with the believer” but is just as frequently referred to as “ the icon of friendship”.

Jesus is shown putting His arm around the shoulder of a friend; this man is called Menas, but can represent each one of us and in my re-painting of the icon I represented my friend rather than tried painting his (charming) features. 

  As well as seeking to depict something of the original Icon I wanted to bring in my own style (usually with lots of paint and lots of circles!) The Halo’s around both of the heads enabled this pattern to emerge into the painting. 
I also incorporated into the painting 4 words that spoke to my friend: ‘God is with you.’ 

If you would like to commission me to paint for you please do get in touch and let me know. It usually takes a few months from start of the commission to end result. Prices can be found by following this link here.

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