Well, it’s that time of year again…   I’ve just spent a couple of hours going around some of the cafes and pubs in Peterborough with a willing group of Carol singers. The response is always good and today was no exception especially when people twig that we’re not collecting money but rather giving gifts! Refreshing. 

Some people asked why we were Carol singing and giving gifts and encouraged us when I told them what we were doing. Three people I met had some questions about faith and we’re happy to talk. 

The gifts we gave were somewhat unusual I must admit… 280 candy canes, around 200 little silver feet with a poem I wrote called ‘It’s a boy!’ and lots of gold coins too with some words of hope written on them. 

The candy canes invert to a ‘J’ and with each one we offered a little tag:   

Here’s is the poem that I gave out:  It’s a boy, and he is mine, and yours and yours and yours

The most outrageous gift

Absurd that One so bundled small, pure, untainted by the rules of this place

Should be freely given by the One who says, I have made space

To move in with you with a good plan too

To prosper, not to harm, for a hope filled future 

It’s a boy, and he is mine, and yours and yours and yours

Born so fiercely powerful yet meekly plonked in a rancid stable, to stabilise me, to rescue in the most bizarre kind of way

Born so vulnerable yet God Himself so that he may say with words that connect, person to person

Face to face to live amongst the dirty down trodden earth, and one day to trample upon the curse, crushing it to bring life anew

It’s a boy, and he is mine, and yours and yours and yours

Born to then one day lay aside the might, the miracles, the majesty and take all that is broken, bust, hurting upon himself

To give new in place of so so old, to announce the new has come and take hold

This baby boy born for me, and you and you and you

Is the saviour, the One who was born so far far away, yet that birth is as real now, here as it was then, there

It’s a boy, and He is mine and yours and yours and yours.   


If you would like to use the poem you would be most welcome! 
God bless you and happy Christmas. 

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