This morning I had fun in the busy pub giving out some little silver baby feet which I tied to a poem I have written called ‘it’s a boy!’ 

I wanted to communicate with people the immediacy and closeness of the Christmas story. That for each one of us the birth of Jesus is as if we can proudly announce:

It’s a boy. And he is mine!And yours and yours and yours!



People appreciated the ‘cuteness’ of the little feet and the feel of beig given an anouncement. A few people asked questions like ‘what boy?’ 

The most encouraging moment of the morning was when I was leaving the pub I was called back to a table to a group of people who hadn’t recieved their poems or little feet and wanted me to share with them the gifts I had. 

I will share in another post soon the poem which you would be very welcome to use if it would help you. 

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