One of the signs of the kingdom of God being furthered around you can be measured in ‘what’ you pray for. 

If as a church you spend your time praying for your community without knowing the names of those in your community then make a point of getting to know people and engage in what they need prayer for! 

What I have observed over the years of being a Christian is that when I start praying for individuals by name, the Kingdom is furthered. 

For around 4 years a small group of us would meet once a month, month after month praying for our community… Without really knowing the names of those around us. Recently we’ve stopped praying for the ‘community’ and have started praying for individuals.   Tonight we met for one of our monthly prayer evenings and made a prayer chain and only stoped building it because I ran out of cellotape! 

After 93 links with names written on them of people who we know and love and have got to know through serving through lighthouse cafe we spent time praying for those who have become our friends and those who are becoming our friends. 

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