I’ve been thinking alot about heaven lately. Don’t worry. I’m not planing on kicking the bucket anytime soon. I’m more-so-fascinated with the idea of Heaven being found on earth. 

You see, it’s the very first thing Jesus teaches his first friends to ask for. When we pray we should ask that God’s will and His Kingdom would come to earth as it is in heaven. 

So, how do we imagine that? How do we pray for this ideal place in our place of mess, hurt, war, bombs, tears… 

My youngest child Milly summed it up beautifully while we were having lunch by asking me a question from her homework: what 3 things would you change in the world? 

We spoke about a world without hatred, war, greed and lies. We spoke about a world where pain was absent. Milly spoke about a world where those who had ‘lots’ shared with those who had little. Then it dawned on me, this is the kind of talk that reveals the ‘lay of the land’ that is to be one day. When the new Earth and heaven is restored by the one who says: ‘look!- I make all things new!’ 

This very world that Milly’s homework asked her to dream of is the one we are asked to pray for and see materialised today. 

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