This afternoon Pat (one of my amazing team of volunteers) and I bought 7 light bulbs from Wilkos to give to 7 people in Peterborough. 

We wrote on the boxes of the light bulbs simple messages about light in darkness… And then went to find the 7 people who they were for. 

Now, give me an opportunity to give away hundreds of ‘things’ and talk to hundreds of people, and I’m happy! Just restricting our afternoon to meeting just 7 is a difficult thing for me to do. It means relying on hunches and prompts from The Spirit to go and meet the people that I feel led to.   

And wow, we found 7 people each of whom we felt had been a God-incidence. One person needed a light bulb replacing in their kitchen that had broken that morning, another had lots of questions about faith, another felt the message was for him. Every one of the 7 we met and offered bulbs to connected with the simple gesture. 

Each one of the encounter’s were very different and we had varying conversations with each person. It was such a simple thing to do, yet turned out to be deeply profound for those we met and also for us.  



One thought on “Bringing light on Black Friday… 

  1. Chris – your Friday email came thru’ as I was with my buddy Sylv and I felt it was right to read it to her. She smiled to see the light bulb gifts. Sylvia so needs the light of life, having been, in many ways ‘in the dark’ for so long. Seems as if I’ve been given so many people to love into the Kingdom and I feel quite inadequate. Your ministry – the team – are a great encouragement. Thank you. And keep going! Enid R

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