It was raining today on and off and when the rain fell I reached for my brolly to offer shelter to people and those who wanted me to, I walked with them…    As I did this people asked why, and I simply shared with them a verse from an old Psalm that reveals a charecteristic of God as the One who shelters and protects us.

My action of walking with people as the rain fell was to somehow re-enact that verse. For those who were protected from the wet as I walked with them, they saw the theology before their eyes.The umbrella became a symbol of something far greater than a means to staying dry.

I walked with people from one side of the square to the other which included 2 mums and 4 children on their way to mother care. I even walked with a man to the train station and listened to what they had to say about faith… And then he asked me what I believed.

‘Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.’ Psalm 91.1 


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