Most Friday mornings I paint down the pub. It’s part of what the team do in Wetherspoons in Peterborough as we serve as city centre chaplains. 

While my other team mates listen to others, do ‘table talk’, use the Jesus deck or simply ‘get to know’ people, I paint. It’s my thing and it seems to work. 

Today I invited a young man who was having a pint while waiting for a train to join the team doing table talk (a conversation game.) As he spent time talking and listening and getting to know those around the table I painted something for him in big letters:   It’s a typical scrappy, quickly painted kind of picture. What I didn’t realise is that Paddy, one of my team had just prayed for him that he would know God’s…. (You’ve guessed it) God’s… Peace.

What are the chances of that?!

But it wasn’t the painting that has blown me away it’s the fact that a few weeks ago this young man had attended a ‘light and life’ event in Glasgow. 

He cried as he told me that he had met a Chriatian who had painted a picture for him. So… that’s two followers of Jesus who have painted a prophetic painting for one man in the space of a few weeks… In two different places hundreds of miles apart. And both pictures made sense to him. 

What are the chances of that?! 

Here is an example of some other paintings I painted this morning:    



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