I was talking today with a guy called Dave in the Saltmine Office in Dudley. I shared with him about the man who prayed for years for the Lord to use him. 

“When will you use me?” He would cry out time and time again. 

And after a long time he heard the Lord speak:

“I have brought to you at least one person each day for you to show my love to.” 

To help him remember the Lords words to him he drew a question mark on his hand. 


As I drove home from Dudley I saw a lady standing by a scene with lots of bunches of flowers and a police sign appealing for witnesses as there had been a fatal crash. I then glanced down on my hand and thought that I should go back and ask if the lady was OK. 

I drove back and parked up. We spoke for a while and then I said a prayer for the young man who had died and for his family too. She thanked me for stopping and coming back.

Who is it that Jesus will bring to your attention for you to stop for and show his love to? Perhaps place a question mark on your hand as a reminder. 

2 thoughts on “The question is: who is it that Jesus has brought to you today for you to help and show his love to? 

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