“I suppose we had better go into one of the famous Cambridge museums” I quipped as I showed my friend around our city. 

As he took time to look around I took time to be still and relax for a moment, finding my place of solitude on a bench. 

After a few minutes I spoke with one of the volunteers of the museum as she pottered near by, I asked how her day was going.

She spoke with me about the joy of volunteering at the museum. I asked if I could keep her in my prayers for anything. Tears welled up. She explained that she felt emotional as she needed to find somewhere new to live and finding a place to rent in Cambridge was a nightmare! However she did have a ‘plan B’ should all else fail. 

 I said that I would indeed pray and she thanked me and went off. As I sat and pondered her need for accommodation I felt God speak: “number 32.” The next thought I had was how on earth was I going to tell her that?! 

I also thought about the story of the birds and not to worry about where she would live. 

When my friend finished looking around the museum I went to say goodbye to the museum worker. I shared the two thoughts I had, with my heart thumping, as I thought what a crazy thing to share with the lady ‘number 32.’ 

It turned out her ‘plan B’ is to stay at her parents for a while who live at number 32. 

I humbly explained how I knew the number and that I believe in a God who knows her and loves her. 

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