The biggest pancakes I have ever eaten and a fun filled time with two like-minded friends who have been part of The Light Project in Chester. What an evening!   Tonight I have been dreaming about what a light project in London may look like. After a couple of hours with David and Phoebe talking and catching up together we prayed together in the busy pancake restaurant. I prayed that we would see the people of London afresh, with worth and value in God’s eyes. People loved. 

One of the guys who served us had a myriad of tattoos. His arms were adorned with little doodles and cartoons. The ones that stood out for me where the swifts, he had 3 on his right arm. I felt I needed to tell him some good things about his life and what God thought of him. 

So I went up to him and spoke about the tattoos and how I believed the seasons are very important for his life. His manager joined in and spoke about the faith that her husband had and she helped in the communication too! The simple message I brought to him of seasons and freedom resonated (as soon as he understood what I meant by seasons!) 

It felt like out of a hustling bustling city connecting and talking to one person was very important. 


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