Big hearted available to order with free postage and packaging from GILEAD books.
Lynn Green the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain says of Big Hearted:

“I love this book. It’s the real deal! Brilliant, funny, risky, messy and inspiring. The stories are incredibly moving, honest and empowering. By the end you will really believe that you can do this stuff.”

Jonathan Vaughan-Davies describes Big Hearted as:

“Refreshing, Exciting, Stretching, Terrifying, Arresting, Revealing, Inspiring, and so much more… what Chris and Simon have tapped into is, I believe, a fresh breath of the Spirit of God releasing to the church not just creative but vibrantly beautiful expressions of the Father’s heart. This is a book for the moment and also one that should inspire generations to follow in their wake. You won’t be able to think about evangelism in the same way after you’ve read it – there, I did try and warn you!”
Jonathan Vaughan-Davies, Bethel Baptist Church, Whitchurch

To order your copy of Big Hearted follow this link to GILEAD publishing.


“The apparently simple approach Chris has to making God’s love real is of course deceptively deep. It reaches way into our humanity, touching parts of us we’d long forgotten were there. This book is, in the very best sense, a treasury of encouragement and love.”
Mark Craig, BMS World Mission Director for Communications


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