Sometimes I get in a pickle as to the how, where, who and when of sharing my faith. Here’s a top tip that I need to hold on to: keep it simple. 

1. Don’t worry as to who… Look under your nose and see who needs to feel and hear good news. In other words, love the one that is in front of you. 

2. Don’t worry about when: take the opportunity right before you, don’t spend time in a quandary wondering whether it’s right to share or not!

3. Don’t fear as to what- just go with what you’ve got. Today we spent £1 in small teams to give a gift to someone that would explain and help bring good news. However, in my team we didn’t even get to spend a penny. I went and bought a small pot plant, but ended up being given the pot plant, and as we chatted the owner of the flower stall wrapped up another flower for free! 

One went to all the staff at the city centre Greggs the bakers and the other to a lady who exclaimed: ‘I haven’t received a gift for sooooo long!’ 

Keep it simple. Live for today and look for the opportunity to share faith that you have today. Not tomorrow. 

2 thoughts on “Keep it simple… 

  1. how apt to read this, dear friend. Was speaking to one of our wee team today about the little gifts we have tomorrow for whoever we bump into in the streets around Family Tree – just little tokens of Father Gods love on Fathers Day. Love reading your wisdom, love your example, love your heart ❤

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