Don’t worry I didn’t have a drop to drink… Apart from some decent coffee. But I did meet people today with heart breaking stories, and I feel for them. I feel wrecked. We welcome people to talk, our beer mats advertise that we will listen. 

Just in case you didn’t know (I tend to harp on about it!) most Friday mornings there is a small team who gather at one of the Wetherspoons in Peterborough, an amazing place called The Drapers. We even head in with music on Sunday mornings when we can, and always have such a good welcome, like last month with the amazing Epiphany music ensemble: 

 Today thete was time for conversation, plenty of it as I was being taught how to play Back Gammon. On Tuesday I got talking to a bloke in another pub and introduced what I do and the city centre chaplaincy. In the course of the conversation I spoke about not being able to play Back Gammon… One of my new friends favourites. We agreed to meet on Friday where he would teach me.  

 It really is a great game, one where you can talk and share life. That’s where the wrecking comes in as stories were shared today of friends who had ended their lives, and one of the managers asked if I would pray for them too as their younger cousin had died suddenly last week. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s an immense privalage to share my life with others as they share theirs with mine, including heart ache and sorrow… But sometimes it can be hard feeling people’s pain. 

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