It was hot. Darn hot. Hotter than a snakes bottom in a desert, as the vintage film Good Morning Vietnam describes very warm weather. 

So today we decided to give cups of cold water, each one we hoped would carry a message. Yes it’s always good to help in practical ways and show off faith in acts of kindness but the news we longed to share was one of a thirst quenching drink. Satisfying refreshment for the soul. Each one of the 300 or so cups we gave carried a simple message of thirst satisfied in Jesus. Cheesey I know yet a message that most people have yet to get to grips with.   

The response was positive. People asked questions, who sponsored us to do this and why. The cups were given by Nero’s, MacDonalds, Costa and Bewitched coffee. Ice was donated from Nando’s, jugs of it! 

People asked us about the churches we represented. Some asked for prayer. Some just liked the jesture.  Half way through the afternoon the local flower stall seller came over for some water and offered the 4 women working on the team with me a bunch of flowers each. He thanked us for what we were doing and said: ‘you represent what is good about the church, thank you!’ Humbling time.  



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