Each Friday I serve as city centre chaplain. It’s a day leading teams as well as engaging with those around me. Being there to listen as well as offering explanation of the Christian faith. The only thing is, today I felt a bit knackered… 

After a couple of hectic weeks with outreach and The Light Project energy levels were a bit low for a whole day in the city… So I chose to do something that restores energy and re-creates in me as well as (hopefully) blesses the socks off those whom I a connect with. 

Painting is a gentle illustrative way of engaging with people. It also is non- confrontational, allowing people to chose to approach and ask questions as well as experience something that is affirming and encouraging as to where they are at. 

Here are some of the simple quick watercolours that I have done today:   


After spending the day engaging with people and painting for them I must admit I feel more energised than I did at the start of the day! 

What is it that you do which re-creates in you and restores energy levels? 

3 thoughts on “Art from the heart 

  1. Dear Chris, I have to say you’re an inspiration to me and I get excited seeing the many ways you engage with people. An example to us all if ‘non–threatening evangelism’. Great work.

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