I’ve used lots of creative ways of sharing the good news of Jesus over the last few days but the one thing that has blown me away once again is going out to seek treasure on the streets. The ‘treasure’ I’m referring to are people.  Why is it that Treasure Hunting always surprises me so much?! I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I really am. Meeting people who need prayer for specific things and who are happy to be prayed for always makes me go ‘wow!’ It not only reveals to those who I meet that God is real and loves them, it also reminds me that God is loving and intentive to people and knows all about them. 

So, on one afternoon this week we asked God for some clues as to who we were going to meet. One team member had the clue ‘purple scarf.’ ‘As if’ I thought, seeing as the sun was shining and it was very warm, I mean who would wear a scarf in the summer? Fast forward 30 minutes and after praying for the lady with the purple scarf and not only her but also her care assistant who was pushing her in her wheelchair I once more realised that God really does so wonderfully speak and lead!  The lady in the wheelchair was so happy to be prayed for she gave two of the team a big kiss! Her care assistant watched this encounter unfold in front of him and called me over to ask for prayer! He experienced his painful left arm healed from pain and then asked us to pray for his knees. 

If you think ‘purple scarf’ is a strange clue to have on a treasure hunt I had written ‘Halloween’ as a description of someone I would meet. Later on I bumped into a man on a mobility scooter… Adorned with skulls, grim reapers and other gorry horror scenes! He matched other clues and was happy to be kept in our prayers.

The adventure continued as our clues led us to a bloke enjoying a pint in the beer garden of the local Weatherspoon’s. He said that he was ‘up for anything’ to help him with his back and we laid hands on his back and prayed a simple prayer asking God to meet with him. The guy was so happy to be prayed for that afterwards he shook our hands and said thank you!

Treasure hunting usually follows a pattern of asking God for clues as to the people he wants us to meet. On other occasions this week we haven’t used this format but rather used paintings to connect with people and bring some insight as to God loving and knowing the people we meet.   Today I passed on a painting that one of the team had done to a lady standing outside Mcdonalds finishing off her cigarette. She was blown away, so much so that she kept saying, ‘I’ve got goosebumps all over me…’ She then said that this really couldn’t be a coincidence. The painting was about light in darkness and for this young lady that is exactly what she needed to hear.  

Other treasure has been found through offering simple messages of hope and allowing people to simply choose a stone. Words such as ‘keep  

going’ and ‘you are not a mistake’ have meant a great deal to those who have randomly taken them. So, here’s a challenge: go and seek treasure in the place you live by asking God to show you who it is you will meet and what it is that they need. Oh, and have fun! 

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