I spent the afternoon painting outside McDonalds in Clacton on Sea. Strange thing to do, you may think… It was busy: screaming kids, stressed out mums and young people having a laugh with some shananagans thrown in. Yet it felt so good to be in the midst of a super busy place with the hustle and bustle, stress and life bubbling around our simple painting oasis. 

It was part of the outreach that went on today with ‘Reatore Clacton’ a week long mission getting the good news ‘out there’ amongst the majority of people who simply don’t have a clue about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian. Restore is a Clacton Churches Together project in where The Light Project are serving.

So what happened with my McPainting? Firstly, people stopped, looked and asked questions. Secondly, people asked for paintings! Here’s three I did one by one for 3 bored teenagers who wanted to talk and each one ‘got it’ what the painting was about: The afternoon was so easy, explaining deep, often spiritual things through the medium of painting. 

Thirdly, the painting was also done by a complete novice, a volunteer who had never done anything like this before but who was able to engage and talk with people through her paintings!   

 While we were doing the painting a small team were handing out free bottles of water. Again, such an easy way of engaging with people through a kind gift. Some people asked for prayer on finding out that the small gesture was from the local church.  

Today was a mindblowingly good day. Not just the painting, but also the other initiatives with small teams: free hugs, giveaways, and offering prayer. All great ways of getting out from the safe confines of the church building into the community to share some good news! 

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