I’ve spent the day seeking to share the gift that I have of Jesus with people in Peterborough. It’s been full of adventure and I’ve used a load of different ‘techniques and ways’ to connect with people: free hugs, table talk in the pub, stones with words of hope written on them, signs declaring ‘I will listen,’ and giveaways.    

 By far the most humbling was being taught to do simple praying by one of my volunteers. Sister Cathernine kindly lent me her Anglican Roseary beads and showed me how she uses them to help her pray on the streets. It’s a simple prayer for each of the little beads: ‘Lord Jesus ask the Father to send the Spirit on__________________.’ (I then named the people around me as they passed or stayed to talk to some of my team.) I can’t even begin to describe how immensely powerful I found this  experience. I sat in the busy cathedral square holding a simple sign declaring: ‘need prayer?’ and in my other hand held the precious beads! One man who we met and with whom I prayed that simple prayer over quietly, then decided to kneel on the street and proceeded to ask if we could pray together. I was sitting up on a bench at the time and felt the best thing to do was kneel beside him! We prayed together. A powerful encounter of Jesus. 

The simple act of prayer using a creative prompt blew me away! It focused my prayers and lifted me to see people as individuals loved and known by God. I’m inspired! 

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