People responded in different ways today… Some questioning what we were doing, others quietly helping themselves to a ‘stone of hope’ while others simply smiled at the free hugs and free bunches of flowers. In it all my hope was that we would be able to help people encounter and connect with God in some way or another. To create space for people to experience grace, love and the gospel in action. 

Today I have met strangers and friends. In my role as chaplain I have the privilege of bringing something of my faith to those who need hope and over the years helping people on their journey to faith as they enquire and learn as well as encounter what I have as a follower of Jesus.

Here is a creative way we used to engage with people today:


One young man considered the cross and stones for some time and then spoke with me about the reasons why he had lost his faith. He poured out his heart-ache about his dad dying. He then chose a stone and asked us about joining a church. It was a humbling moment to help someone through simply creating space for them to meet with God afresh and encounter something of his presence too. One lady felt God had spoken to her as she took a stone that simply said ‘keep going.’ This, she felt, was for her and she left encouraged.   This morning the chaplaincy team used Table Talk, a conversation game. It creates space to get to know one another and listen to what each one believes. We’ve been joined by 4 different people over the weeks and it really does help us get to know them as well as them getting to know us. This also serves as a means of connecting with strangers in the pub through inviting them to join us. To order your own Table Talk or buy the app click here 

So, here’s the challenge: how can you create space for people to get something of what you have as a follower of Jesus? 

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