Before heading out into the city centre we prayed. It’s nothing unusual to do so, it’s a preparation time to recieve so that we can give. 

As we prayed I had a picture of giving people piggy backs who were tired of walking, and carrying them some distance to give them strength. Rose, one of our chaplaincy team volunteers prayed that we would have feet that bring good news.

So we walked out the church building and the first person I saw was a lady with a tattoo of two baby feet prints on her neck. I felt we needed to ask her about the tattoo… She poured out her heart and we ended up praying for her and talking words of hope and good future over her. She was happy.

And so the piggy backing continued. A sharp suited business man with iPad under his arm, spoke about deep depression and broke down. You would never have guessed. We shook hands and I said ‘recieve hope…’ With tears he weakly said ‘I recieve hope…’ We spoke some more and I gave him a bouncy ball I had in my pocket as a reminder of hope and joy. 

Then a man who needed to talk who was having a break down… He sobbed and sobbed on the bench as he shared with me his story. 

What an honour to give piggy back rides to people who need what I have as a follower of Jesus.   

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