Today I made space. In my diary I have a full day of retreat once a month which gives space to think, be still and encounter silence. Today was one of those days. 

Today was a blue sky thinking day. Space. And some more space. 
 If you’re able to do the same I can’t recommend it enough. I’m returning home feeling stronger having received more to give and expectant as to what God will do.  


The place I love to go is called The Fenland Hermitage run by a couple who make me feel at home and always welcome me so generously. Their details are: 

Lance & Sue Blake                       

Tel: 01775 640099    

 As well as the glorious weather today making praying outside a treat I took advantage of their beautiful chapel where I captured the play between light flooding into the space:


3 thoughts on “Space for blue sky thinking

  1. Still working on the day a month. Has taken me a while to master the morning a week! So focusing on getting that one sorted first. 🙂

    Though with a baby arriving very soon, my plans and efforts might be challenged!

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