It was a straight forward thing to do, really… Offer a free gift of a pot plant full of soil with a pumpkin seed and instructions as to how to grow one.  Each set of instructions had a simple explanation of why we were giving away a pumpkin to grow and the story Jesus told about a farmer who planted seeds too.   People loved the free gift but what really got me and blew my mind was meeting a bloke who half way though our conversation described our meeting as an ‘extraordinary encounter…’ He had been thinking of pumpkins throughout the morning (serious!) and how he would like to grow some in his allotment. His neighbouring allotment holder had grown some huge pumpkins last year and he had been thinking of pumpkins and how he also would like to grow some. The man said how amazing it was to meet me and receive some pumpkin seeds to grow. 

It was a fruitful thing to do, yes so so simple but had the mysterious sense of God working through it all and bringing Devine appointments on the streets.  Afterwards we were given a dozen bunches of flowers by the local flower seller. Paddy, one of the students with The Light Project (pictured above) went and ‘flower bombed’ the pub we serve as chaplains in. What a great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning! 

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