I started teaching The Brighter course with Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Northampton this week. It’s a course to help Christians shine with their faith for the benefit of those around them. It runs over 5 sessions and the topics include how to share your story, creativity to show and tell good news and receiving ‘power to go.’ 

I try, as much as possible, to make the  teaching interactive with lots of discussion, questions and story telling mixed in with straight forward teaching. In each session there is always something creative that requires a response, like lighting a candle or writing up names on a prayer tree or adding to an art piece. I also include notes with space for writing in answers as participants go through the evenings teaching. Here is the handout from the first session: What fascinated me the most from those who took part was seeing the notes of one of the participants who doodled throughout! This is what she produced over the teaching session:  Captured on this bit of paper I recognised a development of each part of the session… This has got me thinking: Somehow doodling and drawing throughout teaching sessions in services and training needs to be encouraged more and more! Seeing my teaching captured in this way was immensely encouraging, it felt as if the themes and ideas were caught far more creatively than I had communicated them!    

 If you’re interested in having me run a brighter course and you’re no more than 90 minutes away from Cambridge, please do get in touch through the comments below or by emailing me as I have some availability for training towards the end of this year and from April 2016. 

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