The 2nd gospel story in the bible was wriiten by a Doctor called Luke who wrote it as a ‘carefully investigated account’ of the life of Jesus to a bloke called Theophilus, so that he may ‘know the certainty of the things taught.’ (Luke 1.4) 

Are you certain about the Easter story? I ask as I believe Easter is a time to reflect on what Jesus did for us: His life, death and resurrection. Today at the church that I am part of, Biggleswade Baptist Church we witnessed three people being baptised. It was an immensely powerful time watching the Easter story played out before our very eyes through the 3 stories, all contained references of new life and new beginnings punctuated with words of God revealing, through Jesus, his extravagant love. 

Our pastor Phil Campion spoke on the five accounts of the resurrection in the bible as eye witness accounts to give us certainty that the resurrection story is one that we can trust. Peter and John at the empty tomb, Mary Magadelene in the garden meeting with Jesus, the two disciples on the road to Damascus talking with Jesus, the story of Thomas and seeing the risen Jesus wounds and all, and the breakfast on the beach with the first friends of Jesus who ate with him after a night of fishing. All accounts are given to us so that we have certainty that Jesus is alive! 

Jesus’ resurrection marks the start of new life for those who are willing to accept it. Easter is a time to celebrate how Jesus conquered death and now invites us to participate with him in life everlasting. 

Please know, that the greatest miracle ever is that people like you and me can have new life because of the very first Easter.  

The graetest miracle of all… we can have a new life!

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