Here is another poem from my new book of poems, ‘Questioned Christian.’ You can purchase my new book by following this link. 

Ooooo, I needed that
The lady smiles
She try’s to straighten her crooked back beneath her tatty mac to gaze into the warm face
I haven’t had one of those in years, 2 in fact
It felt good.

When turning to a smartly dressed man
Crisp suit striding steadily back to desk
Briefcase swinging beside
She asks with sign in hand whether he would oblige
He breaks down and cries

What’s the matter? she asks
Nothing, He sobs
But please tell me what is going on, I don’t understand
She puts the sign down
God is touching your heart, she gently tells
But I don’t believe in a God, he weeps.

Another man receives peace at the point of embrace
I have to tell you something
He pours out a burden which then rolls away from years of strained carrying.

Many do stop to stare, smile or laugh or snap her up on their camera phones

Trucks pull over, fire engines too, burly men seek to feel the warmth of the One who says
you’re my hands and feet

Tears roll down her cheeks
Week after week after week
As strangers tell a hugging stranger secrets of pain and childhood harm
She speaks of the triune embrace, enveloping all, of which hers is just a symbol.
She hugs, as he hugs too. 

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