When I founded The Light Project nearly 15 years ago I simply couldn’t have dreamed that we would have had such an impact with the good news of Jesus as we have. God seems to have a clever way of doing immensely more than we could ask for or imagine. You see, it was by accident that I started (rather haphazardly) training people in evangelism out on the streets, and now through the amazing team in Chester we have the most students we have ever had on a leading-edge degree in Theology and Evangelism. I wouldn’t have dared to imagine other Light Projects back then, and last week Light Project Peterborough was birthed as a charity and the team in Peterborough are responding to the needs of the city in the most initiative way. I am now audaciously dreaming for more and more Light Project’s all over the UK bringing light in our most desperate places, channelling heavenly hope to those who need, so desperately, what we have got.

So, as we grow and multiply in the coming years, Glyn and I realise that we need to change how we communicate with you. Therefore, this is our last newsletter in its current format. We recognise that we haven’t been the best at communicating the good news stories of what we do, so we want to hear from you as to what you would like from us, how often you would like news and in what format too.

Please do fill in the response form enclosed and let us know how you would like to receive news from us and also if you would like to continue receiving news from us. If we don’t hear from you over the next few months we will remove you from our mailing list.

Thank you for all your prayers and support to make what we do possible,

Be the light,



If you would like to stay in contact with us and receive our newsletter please do reply to this post!

We’re not that brilliant at shouting about what we do… But now and again we produce a newsletter with some good news! Here’s some of the stories, but you can download the whole newsletter through clicking on the link below.


LP-CHES2014_steelYou can download our new newsletter by clicking on the logo on the right. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “The Light Project’s new newsletter!

  1. Please keep me posted. I love reading your blog posts!

    Jenny Kingdom Fruit CIC

    PS. Check us out on Twitter: @Kingdom_Fruit

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  2. Hi Chris I would really like to keep in touch with the Light Project – by e-mail is great! Keep up the awesome work! best wishes Penny

  3. Yes  please  keep  me  posted  with  the  difference  that  God  is  making  through  the things  that  you  do.



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