In conversation with Rob White
In conversation with Rob White

“In our retirement we want to be about mission…”

Rob White met me at York train station to talk about the Pioneer Collective, a vision to see 400 new Baptist pioneers going to where Church isn’t, doing what Jesus does and seeing what happens. We’re growing in momentum and Rob has been helping one of the first to join the Pioneer Collective by offering some advice and encouragement.

As well as sharing some good coffee our conversation moved from church, mentoring and how to pioneer. Rob spoke with me about not starting with ‘church’ when it comes to pioneering but rather by starting with building community and sowing the seed of the gospel. Here’s some thoughts he shared with me about what he and Marion are doing in Wilmslow near Manchester:

The challenge is: will you go and pioneer something new, even in your retirement? If you are already, please do leave a comment below and tell us what you’re up to in pioneering!

pioneer collective

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