I wanted to share this picture from a couple of weeks ago with one of the chaplaincy teams.

So much of what I blog about is the stuff we do out and about, encounters and stories in the adventure of working for The Light Project… What I tend not to write about is prayer. Yet prayer is an integral part of what we do and if you’ve ever been on one of our training sessions you invariably hear me say ‘prayer in one hand, evangelism in the other!’

Here’s a scene from the car park at Queensgate shopping centre in Peterborough. It’s a place where people have ended their lives by jumping. It’s a place where we now pray and intercede for the city and for those that would find themselves in desperate situations that brings them to a place that they would contemplate suicide.

We pray for miracles to happen in people’s lives and for the great rescuer to come and rescue and save.

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