I’m in to communication. It’s what I do day in day out. How can the most outrageously generous gift this world has been graced with be communicated in such a way that people get?

So, today (which was a cold day) my small team of volunteers with the city centre chaplaincy team wrote some greeting cards to people whom we wanted to know they were being prayed for.

Each card was different. We didn’t have a prescriptive blurb that we had to write, each one of us chose what to write and who it was going to. And then we all signed them.

Between us we chose to write cards to: 4 big issue sellers, 3 cafés, a betting shop, a phone shop, 2 big stores, a stationers, a shoe shop and 3 charity shops.

When we delivered them people were grateful. They wanted to talk and let us know what was going on in their world and how business had been. Some asked for prayer… It was a simple thing to do yet each card carried a message of hope or a blessing or a message of thanks with the assurance that we were praying for them.

So, how about getting some cards (we bought 18 for £1.99p) and send a card to let someone know they are known and loved by God.


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