Saints on the street is a monthly ‘church out there’ activity on a Sunday. In Peterborough I encourage as many people as possible to join me to show and tell something of the Christian message with the majority of people who simply haven’t a clue what the christian message is all about.

Today I had a team of 5. Not huge numbers I know, but non-the-less I simply love these Sunday’s. It’s church like no other… Actually doing the stuff of church and meeting people where they are at.

It’s church amongst the least, last and lost and today I was reminded how many people simply need what Christians have, but they don’t know how! Today we spoke and listened to all kinds of people, some whom had met us before and wanted to feedback what had been going on in their lives.

So, as it was cold today we offered gloves. People asked why they were for free. And appreciated the gesture.

We also had one of the team holding a sign saying ‘I will listen.’ People talked. He listened. Simple. A couple of us held signs declaring ‘free hug.’ It was humbling to embrace people and share something of the love of God with people.


If you would like to experience something of ‘church out there’ please do join us. 11am, third Sunday of each month, meeting at Park Rd Baptist Church in Peterborough.

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