It really is so simple. This afternoon we went out and about to people in the city centre with a simple gift of a plant. We had 16 pot plants so we chose 16 shop workers, businesses or individuals. With each one given we expressed that we would like to offer prayer for anything they may need.

We then asked if they wanted any feedback from after we prayed… Some things that we may have heard from God to encourage them and bless them. A few people said that hearing feedback would be OK. What was amazing was the amount of prayer requests we gathered… Some people poured out their hearts when given the opportunity to express how they felt.

The most amazing encounter we had was with the neighbour of one of our volunteers who is struggling at the mo undergoing chemo therapy. She wasn’t in so this neighbour let us in to the flat entrances so that we could leave our pot-plant for her. We ended up praying for the neighbour who asked if she could join one of the local churches. Humbling.

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