I often ask people if they would like prayer for anything. It is a simple gesture that most people are happy to respond to.

Today I had a meeting in London with a past Light Project student. While I waited for her at Paddington station I wanted to find Paddington bear… The bronze statue, not the real one. As you do! So I popped into the Paddington bear shop and asked the manager if they knew where he was. After I received directions I said that I was waiting to meet with a past student and that we would be praying. I asked whether there was anything that they needed prayer for? ‘What do you need?’ I asked.

The lady said that she needed direction for her work. I found myself saying: “would you like me to share with you anything that I hear?” She asked what I meant and I explained that sometimes when I pray I see pictures or have some words. I gently spoke about how God speaks. She said that would be ok to have some feedback.

So I went off for a coffee and asked God to lead me and if there were any words from His heart for her heart. I felt that I needed to go into a card shop and have a look to see what picture on a card would speak to her and encourage her. I found one with a picture of a Koala that said ‘Congratulations, you’ve Koalafied, well done!’ I then wrote some simple words about being qualified and included a verse from the Psalms too. I also wrote a word about receiving peace and good sleep.

When the past student arrived we went off to give the card. The shop manager read it and I explained about how I had asked God to direct me to the right card.

She read the message and said with tears: ‘you have made me cry!’ I apologised and she said, ‘no, no in a good way!’

How about having a go by asking someone if they need prayer for anything and whether they would be up for some feedback.

2 thoughts on “Would you like me to share with you what I hear from God?

  1. Amassing treasure in Heaven and building future homes there for people like this lady; such an encouraging experience. Keep up the good work Chris!

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