I’m hurtling home after a full weekend of training with our 2nd year students who are part of The Light Project’s FdA in Theology and Evaneglism.

The course is validated by the university of Chester. We have the most students on the course than we have ever had. It’s exciting times.

I’m tutor for the module ‘Creative arts and media in evaneglism.’ Just up my street!

The module is a joy to teach. It’s my passion that others should be able to ‘get it’ and I find that the arts help as a vehicle for the good news. The message becomes contextualised and yet can remain distinctive and challenging. The arts facilitate non-directive approaches to evangelism. They prompt questions and welcome people to participate. They speak in ways that words can’t.

What has inspired me trough this module is the assignments that the students will embark upon for marking.

They aren’t all just doing nice paintings. The work that the students will embark upon include choreographing a contemporary dance combined with folk dance, writing a story for children to be read by parents, leading a film discussion, painting prayers for the community for people to respond to, working with people with mental illness in producing an art piece and creating an art piece for a chaplaincy at an airport.

I am so chuffed with how my students are responding to the challenge. Watch this space.

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