I’m slumped on the sofa, feet up, the open fire blazing and I’m reflecting on my day… I have no fear of the police knocking on my door to arrest me for what I’ve done all day.

What I’ve done is announce the gospel to literally hundreds of people in shops, cafés, pubs and on the street. Granted, it took the form of Christmas carols, a load of free gifts and a pinch of winsome cheekiness, but working with a team we have told many people something of the good news of Jesus. Many have been touched by our simple approach of offering free gifts and some have asked questions about what we were offering. Chocolate coins with words of hope written on them, baby Jesus stones and feathers! (With an explanation of the story about the Angels in Bethlehem.)





Were we told to shut up or push off? Nope, not once.
We have the most colossal freedom as Christians to proclaim good news in the United Kingdom. Such freedom.

Yesterday when Ed Milliband spoke on Premier radio he apologised to Christians who feel marginalised. Odd. I’m sure there must be people who have very good reasons to say that they are marginalised, but the opportunity to be Christian and proclaim the good news of Jesus is ripe! We have such freedom to do so in the UK!

Across the world Christians are literally loosing their heads for following Jesus. We are blissfully free to be followers of Christ. So FREE!

My experience has been that those who usually feel marginalised and have been stopped in sharing the gospel have been sharing their faith in an unkind, unloving or harsh way.

This Christmas, reach out and show someone who doesn’t know the good news what makes it so good! Enjoy the freedom of doing so.

One thought on “Marginalised Christians in the UK… Really?

  1. Well done! whenever I try to talk about Jesus, all I get is sorry not interested, and they walk away! or tell me No More thank you, almost to the stage of being annoyed with me. So I take my hat off to you. God Bless & Happy Christmas.

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