It’s quite amazing how many people find feathers in weird places.

I heard a story once of a lady who in a time of heart ache and bereaving the loss of her child found feathers everywhere, including one in the fridge placed on top of a chocolate bar.

Today as we gave away feathers with the simple story of the Angels meeting the Shepherds people spoke about finding feathers… One lady asked what it could mean.

I love how the Angels announced: do not be afraid. They brought good news and as I gave out feathers in the pub and on the streets I retold the good news of the one born for all people.

Such a simple gift of a feather brought joy to people. As I put them together down the pub some of the locals came over and asked about them… Some asked if they could take one for a friend too…

This simple Story of a baby born is powerful. The first Christmas has brought life to so many, and it continues to, but so so many people around us remain clueless as to what Jesus has to do with them.

Be brave and tell someone who has yet to hear so that the words of the Angel 2000 years ago may ring true in our generation…‘ I am bringing you good news that will be great joy to all people.’


4 thoughts on ““Do not be afraid…”

  1. In a time of great pain and feeling lost I found feathers too. When I saw the third, I told God I heard that He loved me, but I hurt too much. Still more came, large, small all held the gentleness and compassion of His love for me. I collected some, they sit in my kitchen two years later, like little love letters from God. Continuing reminders of His loving presence and gentle persistence even when I felt cold, dark and bleak. What an awesome God!

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