I had two volunteers this afternoon for the chaplaincy in Peterborough. As we met both started talking about their funerals and the arrangements they have made recently. Orders of services have been drawn up, songs chosen and even stipulations of what people should wear have been made. They are both very well and healthy, but both have been making plans recently!

It may sound macabre but Sheila and Rosemary are looking forward to it, their eyes sparkle as they talk of eternity and life that is quite simply hard to get their heads around.

Today they laughed and smiled as they spoke frankly about funeral plans and burials. They both believe in a life after death… Blissful, right and new.

As I sat listening to them it dawned on me afresh what a cracking message we have. That this life isn’t it. We prayed together before going out and asked that the Kingdom of heaven would be very near and people may experience something of that eternity as we went to hang out. We decided to offer hugs and simply be there available to talk or listen.

A hug can symbolise this unearthly Kingdom, of it breaking in and being close, closer than you may think or feel. Like an embrace.

We felt fuelled by the knowledge that what we have is good. It’s everlasting.


One thought on “The message of eternity

  1. I believe this will be sooner than many of us think. I’m so looking forward to my new home in Heaven, and I just cannot wait to see my Lord & Saviour face to face. God bless you Chris & everyone!

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