Use what you’ve got…

What have you got to show others that they are known and loved by God? Use it! Bake, make, listen, run, bike, laugh, give… Whatever it is use it!
Today I painted for a man who I met a few years back on the streets. He should be dead. The doctors gave him weeks to live… Last year. He is a walking miracle. He is preparing himself to die and I gave him a picture from the end of the book of Revelations: ‘I’m making all things new!’

We spoke together about eternal life. In the middle of a packed out cafe he asked if I would pray a blessing over him. Later on I sat outside a cafe and painted simple words. A few people asked about them and some were given as simple prayers.


Have a think about what you’ve got, what you love to do, how can you use it to show and tell others good news?

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  1. And sometimes use what you haven’t got. Jesus asked the women at the well for a drink of water and that turned into an amazing conversation. Not sure he ever got that drink of water though!

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