I had the joy of speaking and taking part at this years HOPE MK… Not only did I teach over 100 young people in the morning I also joined a team all afternoon in the city centre and spoke at the final youth event in the evening. I love my job. These young people gave up their half term to show and tell others their faith. Apparently on the Monday they all felt very nervous about the idea of sharing faith.

While on the Friday they were more so enthusiastic, on the afternoon I joined them they were somewhat petrified! This was caused by the prospect of ‘treasure hunting.’ (looking for God’s treasure and bringing something from His heart to theirs) and hanging out with me! But to be honest this ‘prophetic evangelism’ was scary for all of us! The terrified team of young people needed some convincing that they 1. Could hear from God to go and find treasure – and 2. That this really would work!

On the bus we spoke about where God may be leading us and for whom we may meet. One of the youth leaders asked me in front of all the young people: ‘what do you think God is asking you to pray for Chris?!’ As soon as I was asked I had a strange sensation in my stomach! So I said I would look to pray for someone who had stomach pain.

After an introductory exercise and some fun I went off with my small team… We wrote some clues down and I wrote ‘stomach pain’ and that the person would be wearing red boots! I also wrote ‘fur coat’ as a description of the person I hoped to meet. All afternoon we met people and also offered food to people who we met who were homeless. We didn’t however meet the red boots person all afternoon! Until the end that is. We were hurrying back to get the bus home and I spotted the red boots and fur colour.

I spoke to the young couple with their daughter. The lady wearing the red boots looked at my scrappily written list and pointed to ‘stomach pains’ and asked what it said. When I explained she simply explained that it was indeed her… We spoke some more and said a gentle prayer asking God to heal her and let her know how loved she was! The guy had also met a team of treasure hunters… They had simply given him a model lighthouse. On my list I had written ‘light in darkness.’

I pray for the lady with red boots that her pain will go, it’s been with her for 5 years and I simply pray that she would get better.

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