I was walking from the station when I noticed a tall man walking with some difficulty… Another man walked into him. I turned and said ‘you nearly got run over by that bloke… You ok?’

He explained that he was used to it as he was invisible. This invisible man then spoke with me about how he had spent most of his life in a wheelchair and unseen and now that he was just about able to walk felt like no one ever saw him.

We spoke together for a little while and he poured out his heart about a car crash he was in as a teenager… We then arranged to meet for coffee and show each other our paintings as this invisible man is an artist.

Who will you meet today who feels invisible?

One thought on “I saw an invisible man today

  1. Ever realised that there was a time when David was taller than Goliath? Yes Goliath might have been a very tall man and David only a teenager but there was a time when David was taller than Goliath. It was when Goliath was on the ground. Sometimes it is the shorter ones who come out on top in the end. Even if they are short because they are in a wheelchair and especially if the Lord is with them.

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