My iPhone crashed and died for 36 hours and is now fixed… but it got me thinking about a poem I wrote a few years back about being on line all the time and living virtually even when with people. You see, I really missed my phone. Sad, but true. It showed me how much I rely on it for email, sat-nav, facebook, music, pictures, information and sadly something of my self worth too.

Incidentally, this poem will feature on a new ebook I am publishing with 30 or so other poems which is coming out in the next few weeks. The book is called ‘Questioned Christian.’


I’m well efficient,


With my lap-top and my BB,

Not quite as sophisticated and smug as the iphone and pad boys and girls,

But, non the less I can still plunge into my office online with a few magic thumb twirls,

But my smart phone aint’ that smart,

When my mind and heart,

Are elsewhere away from the now,

Lifted out of the real eye-to-eye, brow-to-brow,

Or when I google and then oogle at You Tube

Or waste time , bamboozle, gawking at bits and bobs, bum and boob.


You see,

Isn’t what it’s cracked up to be,

It’s made me on line,

Face book savvy, blog sublime,

I feel kinda granny,

This is uncanny,

Declaring my habits un-god-manly,

All a bit unhealthy,

Yet I want to be friendship wealthy,

Being out there connected in, busy with the biz,

Seeing what’s Derrick’s up to, even though I don’t know who the hell he is,

I’m well efficient,


Can’t I just be,

Turn stuff off, for a mo, or two or three,


Even though all my gumph, ministry and writing is on site,

Compared to being still, knowing You, not me, is God, is all a pile of sh**e.


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