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It’s Sunday morning and I’ve got an idea. A crazy one. Why don’t I give out free carved pumpkins on the streets of Peterborough this morning?! Once a month I lead a small team out and about in public to show and tell something of the good news of Jesus among the majority of people who don’t attend a Church service. And today I shared with my small team that we would give out pumpkins and offer free fruit (of the Spirit) too.

I heard the idea about carving pumpkins as a ‘prayer.’ So, I made up two simple prayers:

Stars and the Cross IMG_7221

Lord God, Help me to get my head around

How much you have given to me

That the One who made all the stars (carve out loads of stars!)

Would also lay down His life so free (carve out a cross) 


Smiley Face 

Thank you that you love me! (Carve out two heart shaped eyes)IMG_7219

Thank you for the life you gave for me (Carve out a cross for a nose)

Thank you that you did this for all people (Carve out a big ‘U’ shape smile!)


It was so good to talk with people and for one busy hour we had people gathered around watching how one of the team called  Paddy, was carving out the shapes in the pumpkin. Each one we gave also had a large tea-light placed inside.

I had brought two of my own pumpkins which I had grown in the allotment and bought another 8. We soon had ran out so I went and bought another 4! The free alternative Halloween pumpkins especially connected with families. “Thanks for this great idea!” one mum enthused as her children asked about the different shapes and symbols. People wanted to know why we would give out carved pumpkins and also about the story behind the carving of alternative pumpkins. The pumpkin giveaway’s were a natural and gentle way to talk of faith.

I spoke with a number of people about the light in the middle of the candle and how I believe Jesus is the light of the world. People asked questions about it. It got me thinking… in what ways can we engage with people positively in a time that is usually associated with darkness, evil and horror? Our youth pastor goes out ‘treat or treating’ with his family dressed all bright and in high viz and knocks on doors and offers gifts!

In what ways do you show your faith at Halloween?

Leave your ideas for others to copy in the comments below!







3 thoughts on “Halloween pumpkins

  1. Great idea. My daughter and friend age 11 are going out on halloween giving out sweets and cards they made themselves inviting them to church in bright clothing.

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