Imagine if every church in the UK celebrated their ‘church anniversary’ with a Birthday party for their community. An opportunity to spill the beans as to what the church believes and celebrates as well as be lavish in throwing a party for all to come along to.

I spent this past weekend with Southgate Church in Bury St Edmunds as they threw a 40th Birthday party. It felt quite special for me to serve in this way as in a few weeks time I shall be turning 40. The church is as old as I am and I wanted to offer something that would challenge the Church for the next 40 years, to invest in something that would outlast them, to pass on the good news of Jesus in such a way that others too may be part of the church.

I was asked to help the church celebrate by doing 5 things: 1) a training morning to give confidence to members of the church to share their faith. 2) A practical ‘get out there’ and meet people kind of afternoon. 3) Speak at a dinner party for 150 guests 4) engage the church in being light in their community through an all age service and lastly 5) Take part in a birthday party for the community with bouncy castle, food, games and fun!

What a great way to mark a birthday. Doing things that are accessible and welcome as well as bringing something good in words and action as to what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

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