So I’m having brunch this morning by the sea in Bournmouth with two colleagues; Glyn who heads up The Light Project in Chester and a past student of ours Andy who heads up a Skate park/ cafe centre called Street Light.

While we were meeting and eating Glyn offered to pray for the waitress who had looked after us so well. She said that she would come back and think about what she would like prayer for. Meanwhile there were two young ladies eating nearby and I kept thinking of the name ‘Michael’ and felt The Lord wanted me to ask one of the ladies if that name meant anything to her as I needed to say that he was ‘alright!’ What a strange message, I thought… I also thought ‘how awkward to go up to two young ladies in a cafe!’

After they had finished their breakfast they went to pay at the bar area. I explained to Glyn that I had a word for one of them. ‘Go and tell her then!’ He replied.

So, I went up to them and apologised for disturbing them and said that I hadn’t wanted to talk to them while they were eating but now I needed to ask them something. I explained that I was a minsiter and had a ‘name’ that was on my heart for one of them.

When I asked if the name Michael had meant anything to them the lady who I had felt I needed to ask looked tearful. She said that while she had been eating she had looked out at the waves and had been remembering the last time she was in the sea with her dad Michael who had recently passed away. She had been thinking of him all the way through their meal. She was somewhat shocked and wanted to know how I knew the name was important to her. She asked what I had felt and I humbly said that I felt God say that he was ‘alright!’ “We need to go to that psychic event…” Her friend said. I explained that such events were harmful and that I wasn’t a psychic. I gently explained that God had given me the name Michael to show them that there really was a God and that He knew her and loved her so much. After asking me a few more questions as to how I could have known about Michael the young lady shook my hand and said thank you.

I went back and joined Glyn and Andy. Unbeknown to me this young lady then told the waitress who had served us what had just happened. The waitress then came to our table to say… “you’ve just made that lady cry… She told me what you said and I’ve got goosebumps all over me!” She then went on to explain that what people like her need is people like us. This simple statement felt so powerful in light of our meeting together where we had been planning how to multiply more evangelists for the uk! She then asked if we would pray for her children and grandchildren. As we left she gave us each a big hug and thanked us!

It was a heart lifting wonderful example of how a word of knowledge unlocks hearts to experience the good news of Jesus. IMG_7143.JPG

8 thoughts on “Word of knowledge over brunch…

  1. Powerful story about our powerful God. Thank you for sharing it. Encouraging to be reminded that God is always at work and delights to speak to/through us in the’ everyday’.Hopeful we woud become bolder, in humility. May be helpful to check spelling, tho’. Think the term ‘psychic’ was intended?…..

  2. Hi you probaly wont remember me. But we new each other in chester. I came across u name when i was reading dave pickmens e mails. It was luly to see u again and read all ur good news. God bless. Diane jones

  3. Chris, another bright indication of how God continues to mould you, in obedience to His leading. “Always seize the moment, or hesitation will take it.” With all my love.

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