It’s early. I’m on a train. Again.

Instead of vegging in a stupor of iplayer and catch up TV I have just finished the latest book by Danny Silk. And I’m pleased I did. It didn’t take me long. I simply wanted to read more and more as it is engaging and full of ‘Arh, that’s why!’ moments as I read examples of bad communication, arguments and the pain of not setting appropriate boundaries. It’s refreshingly honest and reassuringly open as stories of mess up’s are shared. Reading it made me feel that I’m not alone in struggling to nurture good healthy close relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I am wonderfully in love with my wife and have a good relationship with my children, but there is always room for improvement! I want to grow more and more Christ like in how I love and see more connection in my family and close relationships. And this book addresses such longings.

The experience of reading this book was like having a high carb meal before a long run, a hearty meal that energises for a purpose. It really is hard to say what brought power, other than I felt empowered. My sister had recommended the book to me and asked how I was getting on with it. I explained that when I read it I literally felt a warmth pour into my chest and face as I read. It fed my mind with new ways of coping and being empowered to say no when I need to, but it also fed my soul.

Silk declares his mission in writing the book:

‘Relationships are vital to becoming a whole person. I wrote this book to help people build, strengthen, and heal their relational connections.’

This isn’t as much of a review, rather than a plea to read it! You may, like me struggle with the terms of power and powerless in relationships and you may also feel that he can be somewhat tight fisted to his approach to those in need… Maybe the examples he gives of broken relationships may seem slightly OTT. But this is a great book to devour. If we can love, and keep on loving despite the pain that relationships invariably bring then we can turn the world upside down. Silk concludes: “Just imagine what would happen if a bunch of Christians started walking around with hearts three times as powerful and loving as anyone else around them. People might actually start believing that God is real.”

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